Skin Tag Causes and Solutions

Skin tag causes are unpreventable, but at least knowing what brings about these small flaps of tissue can give you peace of mind. Skin tags, which dangle off the skin by a piece of tissue called a stalk can be worrying, but they're not dangerous. You may find that they can become irritated when they rub against clothing or jewelry.

Skin tags are more common in individuals age 60 and up.

Women are more likely to have skin tags than men.

If your mom and dad have a history of skin tags, you may want to watch out for them to appear on your skin, too.

Skin tags also commonly appear after having a baby.

Weight gain is another one of the skin tag causes.

Affected Area
While not necessarily one of the skin tag causes, the generally occur on the chest, armpits, back, neck, groin and under the breasts. 

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