Why Are My Lips Turning Black

While black lips are common in certain races, having this condition if your lips are normally pink is embarrassing. It’s quite natural to have black lips from birth, but quite another to develop the condition without understanding why. Don’t just look in the mirror and ask yourself "why are my lips turning black?" It’s time to look closer at your lifestyle and possible health problems.

Lifestyle choices

Sometimes lips turn black and become unhealthy looking because of lifestyle choices. Your lips can return to their normal color if you make a few changes.

  • Application of lipstick. Sometimes lips will also darken because women apply lipstick too frequently and wear very dark colors. The easy solution is to cut back on frequency of application, choose lighter colors, and go for longer periods of time not wearing any lipstick at all.
  • Caffeine consumption. Because caffeine is a diuretic, overconsumption dries out the lips through dehydration that depletes your body of water. Even if you drink plenty of water every day along with your favorite caffeinated beverages, the caffeine you consume counteracts the hydration benefits you get from water.
  • Poor skin care. Proper body moisturizing should always include your lips. If they become chapped and are constantly peeling, they are unsightly and can darken. Always choose lip moisturizing products formulated specifically for your lips.
  • Sun exposure. Lips are sensitive to an overproduction of melanin from too much sun exposure that can cause hyperpigmentation and turn your lips black.
  • Tobacco products. The use of tobacco products is one of the most common reasons lips turn black. Not only does nicotine dry out your lips, but it also depletes your lips of natural oils. Ceasing use of tobacco products is the best solution, but if you can’t stop, try to drink more water to help flush the nicotine from your system. Also, keep your lips properly moisturized.

Black lips and health problems

It’s most important to rule out any health issues that might be turning your lips black. If your lifestyle isn’t the source of the problem, make an appointment with your doctor. It’s possible that you might be experiencing:

  • Allergies. Your lips can also become discolored if you’re allergic to a type of lipstick or other lip product. Many cosmetics contain allergens, such as dyes or fragrances, especially less expensive brands.
  • Hormonal level fluctuations. Hormonal levels often change because of age, but also because of disease, infection and other factors that can change lip color.
  • Medication side effects. Certain medications used to treat diseases or infections can turn lips black.
  • Vitamin deficiency. If your body is low in vitamin B, your lips can reflect this deficiency. A color change in your lips can also be a sign that your iron levels are increasing or are already overly elevated.

Lips turning black can make a bad and unhealthy impression. Look closely for the reasons why this change is happening and then take the proper steps to correct the problem.

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