Cheap Tanning Lotion - Make it Yourself

Today you are going to learn how to make your own cheap tanning lotion that will give you a beautiful healthy looking glow for a minimal amount of money and without the risk of developing skin cancer. While tanning lotions by themselves may seem somewhat inexpensive, but when you have to keep purchasing the bottles over and over again can get very expensive. That is why this cheap tanning lotion recipe was created. Everyone should be able to enjoy sun tanned skin without the risks of the actual sun for an affordable price, so check out this incredible cheap tanning lotion recipe outlined below. This recipe is so easy anyone can use it, it only has two ingredients.

Cheap Tanning Lotion Recipe
Your Favorite White Lotion
Pure Cocoa Powder

To make your own sunless tanning lotion all you need is your favorite white lotion that has all of the moisturizing characteristics that you desire, or the cheapest white lotion you can find, and some pure cocoa powder, like the kind you use for cooking.

When you have your two ingredients, all you have to do is add the cocoa powder to the lotion and mix them together until you develop the tanning shade you desire. When you have found your desired shade, make sure to mix the lotion and cocoa power well, making sure the lotion is completely smooth and lump free. Now, before you go rubbing the lotion all over your body, it is recommended to, try testing your new lotion on a small part of your skin first, say your hand perhaps. Apply the lotion to this small spot and let it sit for an hour or so to make sure that it is the color of tan you desire.

After you have tested this cheap tanning lotion on a small portion of your skin, the next step is to apply the lotion to your entire body and enjoy your risk free tanned skin for up to a week.

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