Spray on Tanning Tips

Spray on tanning is a quick and easy way to get the tanning results you want without having to spend time in the sun or in tanning beds. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to perfect your look, spray on tanning can give you an even, beautiful tan in just minutes.

Here are some quick tips to get the best results from spray on tanning.

Exfoliate your skin
If your skin is dry and flaky before your spray on tan, your color will flake off and disappear. By exfoliating with a loofah scrub in the morning before you go for your spray on tan, your skin has a nice smooth "canvas" for great color that lasts.

Moisturize your skin
After you scrub with the loofah, apply plenty of moisturizer to keep your skin soft and smooth. That beautiful color won't do a bit of good if your skin is dry and flaky. Look your absolute best by drenching your skin in a great moisturizer before and after you tan.

Mind your hands and feet
Your hands and feet may get darker than the rest of your skin. These areas are usually drier than the rest of your skin, so they will quickly soak up the tanning solution. If you apply some cream to your hands and feet right before you tan, it will help avoid a patchwork look. Salons will usually provide some cute little paper booties to put on your feet to help keep them from getting too dark.

Follow the directions
The salon will provide instructions to get the best results from your tan. Take a minute to read them through so you get ultimate results.

Wipe down
When you are through with your spray on tan, be sure to wipe off any excess color with a towel. Your look will be ruined if it isn't even all over so catch those drops with a towel.

By following these quick and easy tips, you can make sure you get a spray on tan that looks like you spent the perfect amount of time on the beach in just minutes. Finally, the look of golden brown tan without any of the dangers from the sun or a tanning booth.

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