Tanning Bed Myths and Misconceptions

Tanning bed myths are as numerous as tanning beds themselves. Advocates of indoor tanning and those with medical expertise often have conflicting viewpoints about the safety of tanning salons as well as the possibility of any benefits to indoor tanning. Three of the most popular myths are debunked here:

Myth: Tanning Booths are Safer than Tanning Outside
One common concern is whether tanning beds are safer than begin out in the sun. One argument claims that tanning beds reduce the risk of melanoma by reducing the risk of sunburn. The argument asserts that you can avoid burning in a tanning booth because you can control the exposure to the UV rays. The myth also says that if you have a base tan from a tanning booth, you won't burn in the sunlight.

The reality is that if you burn easily in the sun, you will burn easily in a tanning booth. You can reduce the risk of burning by using tanning lotions that are specifically designed for indoor tanning. Tanning lotions that are created for outdoor tanning, can actually cause you to burn in a tanning booth. As far as a tanning both base preventing sunburn, the SPF is only about 2 or 3 - far too low to have any actual protective effect in the sun.

Myth: Tanning Salons Help Produce Vitamin D
Another claim is that tanning beds are a good way to get your Vitamin D. While the body may produce Vitamin D in a tanning booth, a much safer alternative is to take Vitamin D supplements or get your Vitamin D from a variety of foods, including tuna, mackerel, salmon, milk, cereal and yogurt.

Myth: Using Tanning Salons Can Lead to STDs
Some tanners have been concerns about catching herpes or other STDs from the use of tanning beds, but the risk is minimal. Tanning salons are required by law to disinfect and wipe down the booth after every customer, so there is no need to be concerned you will leave with something you didn't come in with. If you feel uncomfortable, leave your panties on or use a stand up tanning booth.

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The next time you think about bronzing your bod under the bulbs, you should consider the facts about tanning bed dangers and share them with your circle of friends.

A tanning bed is a quick way to get the look of sun-kissed skin without spending hours in the sun. While medical experts say there is no such thing as a safe tan, following basic tanning bed tips can help reduce the risk of burning while helping you maintain your tan.

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You'll never get a streaky spray-on tan if you follow this advice.

Tanning beds do more than just give you a great tan year round. These are a great source of relaxation. With my skin complexion I am only able to do this for 4-5 minutes a day. But I love those few minutes of relaxation.

If you are like so many of the people out there who dread that first visit to the ever popular tanning bed salon, you probably have all kinds of questions that you are embarrassed to ask anyone about.

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