Natural Beauty Tips

Maintaining a healthy image includes adding natural beauty tips to your daily regimen, as these simple steps can have long-term effects. Enhancing your beauty includes addressing the overall visual aspects of skin, hair and body achieved through using beauty tips, exercise, diet and nutrition.

Skin Tips
Dry skin caused by a lack of moisture has a dull tone accompanied by flaky, chapped and itchy skin. To prevent loss of moisture and to revitalize the skin, use a natural body scrub. The scrub exfoliates dead, dry skin without using harsh chemicals, unclogs pores, encourages circulation and prompts the body to produce more collagen resulting in more elasticity in the skin.

Facial Tips
Keep facial skin clean, free of clogged pores, and well moisturized. Use a non-abrasive over-the-counter or homemade facial scrub to cleanse the face of daily pollutants and make-up. Apply a quality moisturizer, nightly, to face and neck.

Always wear a sunblock when spending time in the sun for extended periods.

Hair Tips
Use a volume enhancing shampoo and products for thin hair. Have a stylist cut hair in a style best suited to your facial structure. Highlighting adds a spark to short, thin or grey hair.

Use a good conditioner to add nutrients to the short or long hair. Use a properly formulated conditioner recommended by a professional stylist for damaged, color-treated or chemically straightened hair.

Body Tips
No matter your age, the body requires a certain amount of sleep. Generally, this means at least six to eight hours per day to eliminate dark circles under the eyes from lack of sleep. Sleeping back, if possible, helps prevent creases and wrinkles to the body and face.

Exercise increases energy, bone density, tones muscles and slims the body. Keep your body active with walking, aerobics, swimming, biking, weights or visiting a gym. Workout daily for short periods or at least three times a week to keep muscles toned.

The effects of stress can age the body adding lines and worry marks to the face. Be positive, stay active and use meditation exercises or aromatherapy as a means of relaxation.

Maintain good posture at work or play and wear shoes that provide appropriate support for all situations. 

To maintain a healthy body, have a yearly medical and dental check-up regardless of your age.

Diet and Nutrition
Eating healthy and in proportion helps keep the body fit and trim. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and less salt for a head start on a healthy diet. Stay hydrated by drinking more water and less caffeinated sodas and coffee.

When dieting, it is necessary to incorporate exercise into the plan to help keep skin tone and muscle in balance with the loss of weight to prevent sagging skin.

Weight gain stretches the skin and as we age, skin becomes less pliable. Maintain a healthy weight in caloric intake best suited to size and age. Consult a medical professional before beginning a weight-loss plan.

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