Olive Oil Uses for Beauty

There are many olive oil uses to be found in the average home. From cleaning to cooking, olive oil is an all around handy product. Not only does it taste delicious, it's good for you, inside and out. Olive oil can be a cheap and simple little aid, especially when it comes to beauty.

Olive oil is a fantastic moisturizer for your nails, skin and hair. Including a little olive oil in you diet is an effective way to help strengthen these three things from the inside. However, you can also use the oil to strengthen them on the outside. Olive oil not only helps moisturize your nails, skin and hair, it helps protect them from damage.

Olive Oil 101
There are actually many different types of olive oils. The main types are extra virgin, virgin, pure and extra light. Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality and extra light is the lowest quality. Extra virgin olive oil has monounsaturated fats and plenty of vitamin E. This makes is perfect for reviving dry and damaged nails, skin or hair.

Olive Oil Uses for Nails

  1. Moisturize nails and cuticles. Dip a finger into a small amount of olive oil. Rub the finger across the grain of your nails and make sure to include your cuticles. Rub the oil in well and let it soak into the skin and nail for as long as possible before washing your hands. The oil will help strengthen and protect your nails while adding a little shine.

Olive Oil Uses for Skin

  1. Moisturize dry skin. To moisturize dry skin, simply rub a little olive on the area. For heavy moisturizing, apply ample amounts of olive oil to the skin right before you go to sleep. Cover the area with some old socks, pants, sweatshirt or whatnot. Let the oil soak into your skin while you sleep. In the morning your skin will be soft and hydrated.
  1. Exfoliate dry skin. To exfoliate and moisturize skin, make a shower scrub using olive oil and Epsom salt. Mix 1/4 cup olive oil with 1/4 cup Epsom salt. Use the mixture to scrub your body the next time you take a shower. Rinse well. Your skin will end up feeling silky smooth and soft.
  1. Protect and moisturize chapped lips. Olive oil is good enough to eat, and thus safe enough to wear on your lips. Dab a finger in a small amount of olive oil and rub the oil into your lips. Let the oil soak into your lips to heal chapping and help protect against wind irritation.

Olive Oil Uses for Hair

  1. Moisturize eyelashes. Instead of using mascara, try olive oil to darken your eyelashes. Just dip an eyelash brush or comb into a little olive oil. Wipe off any excess oil and gently brush over your eyelashes, being careful not to get any in your eyes. Your eyelashes will look dark and glossy while also getting moisturized.
  1. Moisturize hair. Use some warm olive oil as a hot oil treatment to deeply condition your hair. Spread the oil onto your scalp and hair. Cover your hair and let the oil soak in for around 30 minutes. Shampoo and rinse your hair as needed to remove excess oil. Once your hair dries, it will be healthy, shiny and soft.
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