Spa Supplies in Your Kitchen

If you don't have the time or the cash to go to the spa for a professional treatment, you might be surprised to know you've got a spa in your kitchen. Many of the ingredients you use to cook healthy meals can be turned into spa products for your skin, so consider this your spa shopping list.

Avocados: A wonderful ingredient to use as an anti-aging moisturizing mask. Just mash it up, and apply it directly to your skin. Avocado slices can reduce puffiness around your eyes.

Cucumbers: It's no secret that placing a few slices of cucumbers over your eyes will help reduce puffiness, but they can also cool and soothe your skin and even help with redness.

Yogurt: A nice solution for an after-sun mask. The lactic acid and enzymes found in yogurts can soften and soothe sunburned or dry skin, calm redness and help to minimize sun damage.

Honey: The sticky sweet substance boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a great cleansing mask for acne-prone skin. It'll help treat blemishes, burns and sunburns as it speeds healing and moisturizes.

Milk: If you run out of your salicylic acid face wash, turn to your refrigerator. The lactic acid in milk is a natural exfoliant, which will soften your skin and remove dead skin cells. Plus, nourishing Vitamin A and protein does a body good on the outside, too.

Olive Oil: If you like the effects of paraffin nail salon treatments, you can mimic the effects at home. Warm some oil olive oil, dip your hands in and soak. The oil will help moisturize your skin and nails.

Finely Ground Almonds, Brown Sugar, and Sea Salt: A trio of abrasives that you can use in a body or facial scrub. Mix them with other ingredients from your kitchen listed above based on the results you're looking for.

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Homemade lotion will allow you the luxury of creating the perfect product for your needs and preferences.

These lotion recipes will help you treat your dry skin without dropping big bucks on expensive lotions.

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Olive oil is a fantastic moisturizer for your nails, skin and hair. Including a little olive oil in you diet is an effective way to help strengthen these three things from the inside. However, you can also use the oil to strengthen them on the outside.

After a long, stressful day what could be more soothing than a luxurious spa experience? You could blow your monthly grocery allotment and book a treatment or two at a local resort. Or you could use the following ideas to create a budget-friendly spa experience in your own bathroom to enjoy again and again.
Going to a spa is a wonderful and rejuvenating experience. You may not be able to go to a professional spa as often as you like. You can experience the benefits relaxing spa treatments in the privacy of your own home. Following are some simple spa treatments you can easily treat yourself to at home.
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