Benefits of Getting a Facial

Getting a facial is more than just a luxury. The process can help promote healthy skin. Whether your budget can handle a trip to your local salon, or you choose a do-it-yourself method at home, the benefits of getting a facial are worth the effort.

What happens when you get a facial?

  • Cleansing. The first step is a deep cleansing using cotton pads or sponges and a cleansing product that matches your specific skin type-dry, oily, combination, sensitive or mature.
  • Skin analysis. One of the benefits of getting a facial with an aesthetician is that these professionals are trained to analyze the condition of your skin. The use of a brightly lit, ultra-magnifying glass makes it easier for them to see skin problems that are not as obvious to the naked eye.
  • Exfoliation. This technique removes the upper layers of dead skin cells with the use of a loofah sponge or facial skin exfoliating product. Exfoliation is important because it speeds up the skin flaking and shedding process. Afterward, your face appears refreshed, regenerated and brighter.
  • Extraction. If you have problem skin, having an aesthetician extract blackheads or whiteheads is an optional part of getting a facial. This process can be uncomfortable. If it's not done properly, you risk broken capillaries and possible skin discoloration. Before agreeing, weigh the benefits and risks, and make sure you're comfortable with your aesthetician's credentials.
  • Facial massage. It's hard to give yourself a massage, so this is another benefit of getting a facial from a professional. Light, stroking movements warm your facial muscles and stimulate the skin. Plus, it feels wonderful.
  • Facial mask. Pick a product that fits your skin type. An aesthetician usually stays in the room while it dries and will massage your scalp or perform another type of service in the meantime. If you do a home facial, choose from a wide variety of do-it-yourself facial-mask products for every type of skin.
  • Tone and moisturize. The last step when getting a facial is toning and moisturizing. Applying these two products are important to protect your facial skin.

When should you get a facial?

How often you get a facial really depends upon your skin type or whether you have a specific problem. Generally, most average skin types benefit from a monthly facial. This frequency may be too much, however, if you have sensitive skin. A good rule of thumb for minimal care is at least four times a year. Think of it as preparing your facial skin with each new season. Keep in mind that getting a facial more often than once a month could cause your skin harm.

After you've experienced this process just once-especially if you go to a pro-you'll never again have to wonder about the benefits of getting a facial.

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