Black Tie Dress Etiquette

Black tie dress etiquette is important to follow, as there is little more awkward than showing up at an event and realizing you don't fit the dress code. While there is some disagreement about the exact rules of black tie dress etiquette, there are standard guidelines you should follow when selecting your clothing for a black tie event.

For men, black tie generally means wearing a tuxedo, specifically one without tails. This also means that you should wear a white tuxedo shirt that features vertical pleats and French cuffs. After all, this is one of the more formal dress codes to follow. If you wear a cummerbund or some other waist covering, it should be black. A white shirt is an essential piece of your black tie attire. If you decide to wear cufflinks, make sure they are subtle and are black or gold in color. Your shoes should be in pristine condition. Black patent leather shoes are a classic choice. Lastly, don't forget your black silk bow tie, as this is sure to complete a male's black tie attire.

For females, there is more wiggle room when it comes to this type of party dress code. Women need to choose gowns or dresses that are formal. Thus, females should look for floor-length gowns made out of high-end materials. If a black tie event is held during the afternoon or day hours, a shorter dress is appropriate. Jewelry should be classic and of the highest quality-this is not the time to bust out your fake jewelry. Similarly, shoes should not be too loud in color or design. If you have a fur, this would be a great time to pair it with your gown. The key to dressing well for a black tie event is to seek out clothing and jewelry that is classic in design and that completes a look rather than overshadows it. 

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