Basic Cocktail Attire for Men

When it comes to cocktail attire for men, there are many options. All you have to know is what is and is not acceptable-with that foundation, you can begin to build a winning ensemble.

Basically, cocktail attire for men is a balance between casual and formal. Though you want to look formal, you do not want to look too formal. Thus, keep the tuxedo in the closet and start take out a casual suit in a dark color like navy blue. If you wear a suit, make sure it and the shirt with which you wear it are pressed. If you want to be more on the formal side, consider adding a tie to the look.

Another cocktail attire option for men is to wear a pair of pressed pants with a button-down shirt. A well-fitted blazer, khakis and collared shirt is another great option for those who do not own a suit or want another option. It's important to look crisp. Make sure your clothing is ironed or has been to the dry cleaner's. Accessory-wise, try adding a pair of cuff links, a nice watch and polished or new shoes to complete the look.  

Similarly, another alternative is to pair a blazer or sport coat with darkly colored jeans or corduroy pants. A turtleneck can really pull this look together. Such attire is great for cocktail events like receptions. You would never want to wear sandals or sneakers to a cocktail party or event. Similarly, shorts, even khaki shorts, are too casual for such an event.

When choosing which cocktail attire is right for you, consider both your fashion preferences and the weather. If it's hot outside, you may want to forgo a heavy suit and instead go for linen pants.  

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