Fashion Etiquette Guide

Fashion etiquette is no longer as stringent as it was in the past. People in today's day and age are encouraged to experiment with clothing and style. However, there are still some key fashion rules to consider when shopping or dressing, whether you're planning for a job interview or a night of clubbing. While standards or trends might change, some of the key points of fashion etiquette never go out of style.

Point of Focus
Choose a focal point for your outfit. When a person sees you, his eye should be drawn to one feature of your clothing before anything else. If you are wearing all black, a bright belt may be the focal point. If you are wearing a patterned dress, you may want to go with subtle tights.

The Beauty of Basics
It's great to buy into trends, but you should also have some basics in your closet. This way, you will have a nice balance of clothing with which to work. For example, feel free to invest in a pair of sleek skinny jeans or thick belts with big buckles, but you should also take the time to find such staples as a classic white button down shirt, blue jeans and black belt. Classic items like these are timeless and can be paired with trendy items to create a winning ensemble.  

Avoid Accessory Overkill
Accessories can really make an outfit seem that much more complete. However, be careful no to wear too many accessories. You want accessories to add something to a look. Too many necklaces, bracelets, belts and hats can make you look sloppy.

Dress for the Event
Another key piece of fashion etiquette is to dress for the event or meeting to which you are going. For example, you would dress differently for a job interview than you would for New Year's. What's appropriate for one person may not be appropriate for another, but certain environments dictate different clothing. 

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