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Formal wear attire is generally defined as black or white tie style.  If you are heading to a formal event, however, it's important to consider both the dress code and your personal fashion preferences. A formal event needn't be an overly stuffy affair; it's possible to let your fashion personality shine through.

For women, formal wear attire refers to long or full-length gowns or dresses. You wouldn't wear short dresses to a black or white tie event. If you are heading to a formal event that dictates white tie attire, you would wear a ball gown. The most common fabrics such a dress is made from include taffeta and silk, among other materials. A black tie dress is one that can be form-fitting. It should still be something long in length.

For men, formal wear generally means that you will wear either white tie or black tie clothing. White tie attire refers to black tailcoats, trousers, a white bow tie and waistcoat, black patent leather shoes and a white shirt with a wing collar. White tie is the most formal of dress codes. Black tie means that a man will sport a tuxedo with a black waistband or cummerbund, vest, black bow tie and white dress shirt.

Shoes for both men and women should be subtle, classic and unassuming. Women should go for a classic heel or flats. The best bet for men is to wear a patent leather shoe that is black or dark brown in color. Accessories should really complement an outfit and should not overshadow it. Thus, though it's fine to bust out your fine jewelry, you may want to stay away from over the top pieces. What you might wear to the club or to the bar is not appropriate for a formal wear event. 

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