How to Put on Cufflinks

Learn how to put on cufflinks and you can turn a basic shirt into something special. Cufflinks are the classic way to seal the cuffs of your shirt while making a statement. They are great to wear to the office or for formal events and parties. The following includes the basic steps for how to put on cufflinks.

First, you will want to put the shirt on. You should select a shirt hat has double cuffs, often called French cuffs. These shirts are longer in length and do not have buttons on each side of the shirt. Be sure to fold back the shirt's cuffs to prep for putting on the cufflinks. The cuffs should form an even line near the end of the sleeves.

Once the shirt is on your body, pinch together the sleeves' cuffs. When you do this, the cufflinks' holes should line up near the end of your sleeves. Next, take one of the shirt's cuffs and insert the cufflink through both of the cuff's holes. You know your cufflink is on right if, when your arm is down at your side, the colored section of it is facing outward.

Just like any other kind of jewelry, cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes. Different pairs have different kinds of closures. A bullet back closure, for instance, is bullet-shaped. To close it, you flip the bullet-shaped capsule around before sliding in the cufflink. To close it, you would flip it horizontally. A whale back set of cufflinks has a straight post with what looks like a flat whale-like tail. To close the cufflink, you would flip the tail piece, slide the cufflink in, and then flip it back into place.

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