What Is Semi Formal Attire

Semi formal attire is the clothing you would wear to an event with formal touches, but not an all-out formal extravaganza. You wouldn't have to bust out the floor-length gowns and diamonds, but you would still want to look dressed up. Semi formal is a subjective term-what one person thinks is semi formal attire may not be the same as another person's perception of the term. Regardless, there are some basic rules for semi formal attire. The following are just some of these basic guidelines.

The guidelines for semi formal wear for women are more flexible than they are for men. A woman can wear anything from a dress to a pantsuit. The key is to look polished. Thus, you would want to wear clothing that is well-fitted and made from high quality materials. Semi formal dresses can be short, but they should fall no higher than an inch above the knee. A woman can also wear everything from a dress suit to a nice pair of trousers and cashmere sweater.

Semi formal attire for men generally means wearing a suit. A man can choose whether or not to wear a tie along with the suit. A nicely pressed button-down shirt will complete this look. The suit a man wears should be made of high quality materials: leave the linen and seersucker suits at home, since they are not formal enough. Cufflinks are a nice addition to a man's semi formal look.

Shoes for both men and women should be subtle and low-key. Oxford shoes are a great choice for men and so too are any darkly colored leather shoes. Women should opt for shoes that are classic in design and are not too high in height. Low heels or flats are great choices for semi formal attire. Both men and women should leave casual shoes, such as sneakers and sandals, at home. 

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