Signs of the Wrong Bra Size

Your bra size can vary by manufacturer or bra style and be influenced by gaining or losing as little as five pounds.  So what you think of as your bra size and what your bra size actually is are often two different things: it's estimated about 60% of women consistently wear the wrong bra size.

The key to discovering your exact bra size is knowing your exact measurements and using them as a reference for each and every bra you try on. While your measurements are vital, it's important to remember that one brand may put you in something slightly bigger or smaller than another brand. So your bra size is a reference, not an absolute.

Signs of the Wrong Bra Size
It's pretty easy to determine if you're wearing the right bra size or not. If your bra is terribly uncomfortable, chances are you're simply in the wrong size. Remember that your exact bra size not only changes from brand to brand, it can also change depending on the style of bra you're picking. What may look like a large bra size in one style could end up being a medium bra size in another style.

  • If the only things supporting your bust are your straps, you're in the wrong band or cup size.
  • If the straps and/or band dig into your body, you're wearing the wrong band or cup size.
  • If the band rides up in back, you're wearing the wrong band size.
  • If your bust falls out of the bottom of the bra when you raise your hands, you're wearing the wrong band size.
  • If the cups of your bra are so tight that they create a double bubble effect, you're wearing the wrong cup size.
  • If the cups are so loose that the fabric is folding, you're wearing the wrong cup size.

Problems With Wearing the Wrong Bra Size
Walking around in an ill-fitting bra is damaging to more than just your mood. Wearing the wrong bra size can have an unflattering appearance, ruining your whole look. The wrong bra size can also change your posture. This not only makes you look unattractive, it can lead to serious neck, shoulder or back problems. 

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Buying the right bra means knowing your style and measurements. Once you know what to look for and how to test the bra to see if it is right for you, finding a beautiful bra that fits will become a breeze.

As if finding the perfect-fitting bra isn't hard enough, you also need to choose the right bra style. Some styles work better with different fashions, and some work better on different body shapes. Here's a rundown of all the options.

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Padded bras have come a long way since the days of stuffing your bra with tissue. 

There are a few things in life which confuse women, and among these few items definitely lies the mysterious bra size. The bra size is one measurement which many women get wrong, and which in turn causes some style disasters.
No woman can deny that bra shopping can be quite difficult at times. Not only is it hard to find one which you actually like in appearance, but it is also hard finding one which is actually going to fit you the way that you want it to.
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