How to Make Sure You're Buying the Right Bra Sizes

Bra sizes take into account two measurements: your band size and your cup size. The band size is measured in even numbers and the cup size is measured in letters. Understanding how these measurements work is a vital key to guarantee you're buying the right bra sizes.

When you go bra shopping, try not to go the week before or during your period. Breast tissue can swell if you're experiencing PMS or your period. If you go bra shopping during this time, you will end with a bra a little bigger than you actually need.

Professional Fitting
Getting a professional fitting is the first thing you need to do to make sure you're buying the right bra size. It's extremely difficult to measure yourself for a bra. The tape measure tends to sag around your back without your realizing it. Though a good friend can always help out, you really want someone who is trained in bra measurements.

You will need two measurements to find a perfectly fitted bra. The first measurement is done right below your breasts to determine band size. The second measurement is done over the peak of your bust. The difference between your band size and bust size will determine your cup size. This measuring method works better with small bra sizes, though. The larger your bust, the more likely you'll need very detailed measurements and some trial and error fittings.

Overall Fit
Once you've taken measurements and picked out some bras, you need to try them on to check the overall fit. Make sure any bras you try on actually support your bust without pulling on your shoulders. Check that you can lift your arms above your head without your bust popping out from under the bra. Also check for that double bubble effect which is both a bad fit and a bad look.

Overall Comfort
Remember to think about your personal comfort when trying on any bras. You need to make sure you can move about freely while wearing the item. You don't want to feel any wires sticking into your body, or you'll soon find the bra very uncomfortable. If the straps dig into your shoulders or the band binds your back, the bra will quickly become very uncomfortable to wear.

While any bra may appear lovely in a mirror, you should always try a shirt on over it. Most women wear bras as undergarments, not as their main garment. So how the bra looks under your shirt is going to end up being very important. Make sure the bra keeps a smooth, supported silhouette without any problems, such as the terrible double bubble effect. 

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Buying the right bra means knowing your style and measurements. Once you know what to look for and how to test the bra to see if it is right for you, finding a beautiful bra that fits will become a breeze.

As if finding the perfect-fitting bra isn't hard enough, you also need to choose the right bra style. Some styles work better with different fashions, and some work better on different body shapes. Here's a rundown of all the options.

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Padded bras have come a long way since the days of stuffing your bra with tissue. 

There are a few things in life which confuse women, and among these few items definitely lies the mysterious bra size. The bra size is one measurement which many women get wrong, and which in turn causes some style disasters.
No woman can deny that bra shopping can be quite difficult at times. Not only is it hard to find one which you actually like in appearance, but it is also hard finding one which is actually going to fit you the way that you want it to.
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