How to Wear Garter Belts and Stockings

Twenty and thirty years ago, garter belts and stockings were the norm under a woman's dress. However, with the creation of pantyhose and women's desire to create the look of sheer stockings for less, women hung up their belts and tucked away their thigh highs for the more affordable nylons. Now, however, women have the choice of conventional nylons or the sheer sophistication of garter belts and stockings.

Sexy Sophistication
Garter belts and stockings aren't your mother's nylons. There is something that is utterly sexy and yet classy about a woman that wears garter belts and sheer stockings under her skirts and slacks. Garter belts and stockings give a woman of feeling of confidence that comes from knowing there is a bit of sexy lingerie underneath that business suit.

Mastering the Look
Before purchasing a garter belt and stockings, you're going to want to be sure they are comfortable and fit properly. Your garter belt has to fit securely on your waist but not too tight. You don't want any love handles you may have or skin to protrude over it. You need to be able to modify the clasps on the belt in order to match your body's length.

Since the clasps are made to hold up the stockings, it is important that you are able to adjust them to the right fit if necessary. The clasps on the garter belt should also be strong as they will undergo some wear and tear with daily use. To avoid any embarrassment or awkwardness when visiting the ladies room, be sure to attach the stockings to your belt first before putting on your panties.

The Stockings Make It Work
Women are under the impression that it is difficult to wear garter belts and stockings. If you've never worn them before, you may have trouble putting them on for the first few times. As with anything, practice, practice, practice. It will get easier.

It helps to have the right kind of stockings, which are made from many kinds of material. If you choose sheer stockings, be sure they are durable and can handle daily wear and washing. Typically, silk ones will work best, as they last longer. Depending on where you buy, they may be more expensive but well worth it in terms of how well they last.

Garter belts and stockings are beginning to make a comeback as more than just women's lingerie. They are now being seen as functional and a classy alternative to nylons for daily and business wear.

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