Things to Look for Sports Bras

If you're going shopping for some sports bras, keep in mind that the task is far different from shopping for regular bras. Sports bras require a different style, fit and size than a bra you wear everyday.

Before you go shopping for a sports bra, you need to think about what level of activity you will be using it for. Decide if you'll be using the bra for light, moderate or heavy activity. A light and flexible sports bra you can do yoga in will need to be a different style than a full support sports bra you can jog in.

When trying to determine what size sports bra will fit you, use your normal bra size as a reference. However, sports bras can differ dramatically from style to style and brand to brand. So how you feel in the bra is always more important that what size the label reads.

Sports bras come in two main styles: encapsulation and compression. The encapsulation bra has fitted cups built into the padded sports bra. This style provides more support for heavy activity or larger busts. The compression bra uses the fabric to simply compress the bust against the body. This style provides more flexibility and is more comfortable for smaller busts.

The strap and band style on your sports bra can also be important. The wider the straps, and chest band, the more support the bra will offer. Thin straps and chest band offer far less support and should only be used by someone with a small bust doing low level activities.

Your sports bra should not pinch or chafe when you move around, especially around the arm holes or neck. The band and straps should fit snug, but not dig into the skin. Check that the bra still fits comfortably when you lift your arms, twist your torso, bend over or run in place. If the bra is uncomfortable from just these small movements, it will become unbearable when you're really moving around.

Always looks for a sports bra that uses a flexible material that breathes. The high end materials will help wick away sweat from your skin and make the moisture dry quickly. If the material doesn't stretch or breathe, you're sports bra will become more like a torture device. 

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Buying the right bra means knowing your style and measurements. Once you know what to look for and how to test the bra to see if it is right for you, finding a beautiful bra that fits will become a breeze.

As if finding the perfect-fitting bra isn't hard enough, you also need to choose the right bra style. Some styles work better with different fashions, and some work better on different body shapes. Here's a rundown of all the options.

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