Choosing Glasses Frames that Complement Your Face Shape

When you're shopping for glasses frames, it's tempting to get caught up in trends rather than designs that complement your face shape. Eyeglasses trends come and go as any other fashion trend, but you don't have to choose a style just because it is trendy. You may get frustrated and start thinking about contact lenses, but you can find a great pair of glasses if you consider glasses and face shape at the same time.

The General Rule
The general rule with eyeglasses is to choose a frame shape that offsets the shape of your face. This is one case where opposites are key to a good look. However, when it comes to size, then you want to go for sameness. If you have a small, delicate face, choose small delicate frames. If your face has bold features or if your face is larger, then go ahead and choose the dramatic larger frames that make a statement.

Like every rule, however, this one does have exceptions. If you want to emphasize the smallness of your facial features, big, bold frames will draw added attention to your features. If you have a strong, square jaw line, and you like that and want people to notice, go ahead and get those square frames that will parallel your jaw.

Basic Face Shapes and the Right Frames
Oval Faces. An oval face is considered to be nearly perfect, so, if you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. You can wear nearly any type of eyeglass frames with an oval face. Go ahead, try them all, and choose the one that tickles your fancy.

Round Faces. If you are like most people with a round face, you probably want to try to minimize the curves. Try a frame that has strong, square lines, but stick to one that has more width than height. This will give the illusion of width to your face, which will offset the round curves.

Heart-Shaped Faces. A heart-shaped face is wider at the forehead and the temples, with a narrowing at the chin. If you have a heart-shaped face, then your best bet for frames is the opposite shape- an upside-down heart. Look for frames that have their width at the bottom and are narrower at the top. This type of frame is not a common shape, so try some that are square on the bottom and rounded on the top. You could also try rimless or semi-rimless glasses-they work well on a heart-shaped face.

Square Faces. When your forehead, temples, cheeks and jaw line are all angular and about the same width, and the length and width of your face are about the same, then you have a square face. The best type of frame for a square face is a rounded frame or an oval shape. You want to look for a frame that has more width than height to balance the squareness of your face.

Narrow Faces. If your face is narrow, or longer than it is wide, then your best frames are ones that are wider than they are long. Be careful, however, not to choose a frame that is wider than your face or it will accent the narrow shape of your face. With a frame that is wider than your face, you may also wind up with lenses that don't have the correction in the right spot for your eyes. A second option for a narrow face is the semi-rimless frame-a frame that has no rim on either the top or the bottom. Semi-rimless frames help break up a long, narrow look.

By following these suggestions for frame choices, you will be able to find the right look for your new eyeglasses.

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Choosing eye glasses frames that are right for your face is important if you want to look great in your glasses. It is important to take into consideration your face shape, eye brow shape and your coloring before choosing eyeglasses frames. There are about seven different face shapes.
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