What Do Your Eyeglass Frames Say About You

Your eyeglass frames choice makes a major statement about you and your personal style. Eyeglass frames draw attention to your eyes by their very nature, which means that, when considering your appearance, you must take your specs into consideration.

The style of eyeglass frame you choose can reveal your not only your style, but your job, habits and economic status as well. Wearing thin, slick, silver half frames portrays a posh, sharp and business-minded style; thick, gem-studded, cat-eye frames conveys the sense of eccentric flair.

There are four categories that help determine your exact eyeglass frame style: material, color, shape and decoration. Each of these categories contributes to your overall appearance, and thus your overall style statement.

Metal frames tend to create a professional, expensive, sleek look, regardless of their exact hue. Plastic frames tend to convey a fun, budget-friendly, youthful or irreverent sense of style. However, metal can easily bridge the gap into fun territory if so desired; plastic can easily be crafted to look like metal, which means you can have an expensive look for a more budget-friendly price.

The color you choose for your eyeglass frames speaks volumes about your personality. Black and red can be considered power colors, conveying a strong personality. Black can also fall into a plain, fashionable, reserved or strict personality type.  Red can convey a bold, fashionable, loud or dominant personality type.

Pastel colored eyeglass frames create a softer and kinder appearance. Bright or bold colors, such as lime, periwinkle or aqua, create a fun and outgoing appearance. Dark solid colors, such as navy, can feel both sophisticated and a little bit trendy. Brown frames, solid or patterned, give an earthy and natural appeal.

The exact style or overall shape, of your eyeglass frames is another obvious selection that reflects your personality. Square, rectangle, or other angled shapes convey modern intelligence; round, oval or other gentle shapes offer a sense of romance and transquility. Star, cat-eye or other extreme shapes are all about pure fun.

Any decorations on eyeglass frames are an obvious personal statement. Glitter, gems and etching portray an upscale or ritzy style. Cute embellishments, such as flowers or birds, portray a feminine or youthful style. A lack of decoration portrays a simple, masculine or neat style. 

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