Tips for Buying Your First Pair of Glasses

No one jumps for joy the first time their ophthalmologist delivers the bad news that they need to start wearing glasses. When squinting no longer works, keep in mind the following tips for buying your first pair of glasses. Not only will you stop bumping into things, but you can still look stylish as well.

Use a little common sense

One of the best tips for buying your first pair of glasses is simple: Never shop alone. Bring along someone who shares your taste and style and whose opinion you trust. If you wear contacts, be sure to have them with you when you begin your search for the perfect frames. You don't want to risk a "duh" moment because you can't see.

Consider the shape of your face and coloring

Look in the mirror and determine the shape of your face. Is it an oval, round, square, triangle or oblong shape? If you aren't sure, use a facial shape chart to help. Your shape determines which size and shape frame will best complement your facial features.

Evaluate your skin tone in a similar way. Check your makeup kit to see which colors you use that best complement your skin and hair coloring. Are your skin tones warm or cool? This knowledge will help you pick the best frame color to make your skin and features shine.

Think out of the box

Maybe your tastes tend to be conservative in clothing, but that doesn't mean that you can't go a little funky or a tad bolder when buying your first pair of glasses. If your skin tone and eye color can handle a trendy color of green or red, go for it!

Shop until you drop

Buying your first pair of glasses is not the time to grab the first frames you think you like. Begin first in stores with a vast selection and designer brands as well as budget-priced frames. Ask lots of questions and try on as many pairs as you can -- including extreme styles. Even if they don't look good on you, what's not to like about having a good belly laugh? If you find one or two styles you like, make note of them, but don't buy impulsively quite yet.

Once you have eliminated stores with huge selections, check-out smaller, specialty stores for really unique frames you wouldn't find in a chain store. Independent shops might offer competitive prices and even special deals like a two-for-one sale. Small stores are often willing to negotiate a better deal.

Be trendy, but don't ignore the rules

Thin, square frames may be in right now, but if you have eyebrows that arch and an oblong face, accept the fact that this style will never enhance your face. People who are slaves to trends end up with glasses that look anything but trendy. If you don't follow the geometrical rules, you'll look unattractive and unprofessional.

Comfort is important, too

You may just have found the perfect frames for your face in every way, but if they aren't comfortable, will you really wear them? Chances are you'll throw them in a drawer and go back to squinting again. While shape and coloring are important, so are frame materials, nose pads and other features that can either make frames more or less comfortable.

By using these common-sense tips for buying your first pair of glasses, you'll avoid making an expensive purchase and then regretting it later.

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