Tips for Makeup and Eyeglasses

Makeup and eyeglasses don't always work well together. Too often, glasses can take the attention off your eyes and put them on the frames instead. Sometimes the lens can even have a magnifying effect. You have to wear just the right amount of makeup to emphasize your eyes without making them look overdone. Other cosmetic tricks can come into play too from working your brows to wearing the right lip color. Follow these tips to let your eyes, not your eyeglasses, shine.

Nearsighted? Go Big
Your glasses will make your eyes look smaller than reality, so a dramatic look will help play up the feature. Try outlining your eyes with a dark liquid liner and finishing them off with black mascara.

Farsighted? Play It Safe
Your glasses will make your eyes appear bigger than reality-usually in an unflattering way. Bring them back to normal by using a white pencil to line the inner rim of your lower lashes. This will help eliminate any redness and help them look more true to size.

Beware of Dark Circles and Signs of Aging
No one likes to spot crow's feet, but when your eyeglasses have the potential to magnify them, it's even worse. Before you apply makeup, prep the skin around your eyes with a eye-brightening cream make to reduce puffiness and smooth wrinkles. Then apply a concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles.

Go for Shimmering Shadows
You can encourage your eyes to catch the light, and attention, by covering your lids with an illuminating powder or cream. A sheer, shimmering silver, bronze, pink or gold hue that matches your skin tone is best.

Don't go Overboard
Chances are, beyond a little extra liner, the combination of too much eye makeup and eyeglasses will spell disaster. A light colored shadow and a dark brown eyeliner are generally best. But if you're out for the evening or want a look that's bolder, you could try adding a sweep of a darker brown hue in the crease of your eyelid.

Keep well-groomed brows. Because your glasses stop around where your eyebrows start, they get a lot of attention, too. Don't let them grow out of control. A well-shaped brow can help emphasize your eyes.

Love bold lips. A thick or dark eyeglasses frame can take over your face, but a bold lip hue can bring your features back to the forefront.

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