Tips on Choosing Eye Glasses Frames

While trends change, eyeglass frames look best when following basic guidelines. Most importantly, keep the size of the frames in proportion to face size. The top of the eyeglasses should not go beyond the eyebrow line and sit above the cheeks. Make sure that the width of the frames does not extend beyond the temples. Also, if you want to emphasize your eyes, choose a frame that matches your eye color.

Eyeglass frames need to contrast face shape, but complement overall size. Determining these factors should be easy by evaluating individual features of face shapes.

Diamond. This shape is very rare and features a narrow chin, wide cheekbones and slender forehead. The key is to bring focus to the eyes and cheekbones via frames with detailing on the top. Rimless frames and cat-eye shapes also work well.

Heart (triangle). A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead that tapers down to a narrow chin. Look for styles that de-emphasize the top part by choosing light frame colors that are larger at the bottom, or rimless frames. Small square or round eye glass frames will balance out a heart-shaped face.

Pyramid. While pyramid sounds like a weird shape, it's really just the opposite of the triangle (heart) shape with a wide chin and cheeks tapering towards the forehead. Look for glasses that add definition to the upper part of the face with bold accents and colors on the top half, or cat-eye glasses.

Oval. Oval face shape consists of a rounded forehead that is wider than the jaw, and a rounded chin with a face that is longer than it is wide. If your face is oval, you can wear just about any frame style. Walnut-shaped frames will look best, and styles that are wider than the broadest part of the face will create balance.

Rectangular (oblong). This shape has a square chin combined with a long face and straight cheek lines. Choose frames with decorative temples that will balance the face. Glasses with a low bridge will also make noses appear shorter. Even large, square frames will work well.

Round. Round face shapes consist of a round chin and full cheeks. Narrow frames will provide balance, as well as create a face-slimming look. Rectangular glasses also flatter round faces.

Square. This face shape is comprised of a square chin, long jaw line, and broad forehead. However, length and width of the overall face are in equal proportion. The most flattering eye glass frames for this shape are narrow oval and round styles.

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