What Are the Different Body Types

There are many schools of thought when it comes to different body types. The categories, rules and names can all change, depending on the exact theory you follow. However, it is generally accepted that there are three basic body type categories, known as ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph.

These categories are decided by your metabolism rate and bone structure. A naturally high metabolism rate means you burn more calories, and thus more fat, than someone with a slow metabolism rate.

Understanding your body type allows you to customize your diet and exercise to help overcome those natural genetics. However, keep in mind that these categories are not absolute. Any one body can comprise of any combination of these body types.

Ectomorph body types carry very little fat and muscle on their long frames. They tend to appear thin or even scrawny. Ectomorphs have very high metabolisms that burn calories like a furnace, making them look like nothing but skin and bones. This makes it difficult to gain weight or muscle, so ectomorphs have to work hard to build bulk. Their body shapes lean towards straight lines, often referred to as a stick figure.

Mesomorph body types carry more muscle than fat on their sturdy frames. They tend to appear athletic and strong. Mesomorphs have an easier time building and sustaining muscle mass than other categories. They also are able to lose fat with relative ease. Their appearances can vary to include hourglass, pear and apple body shapes.

Endomorph body types literally carry extra fat on their frames. They tend to appear heavy or full-figured. Endomorphs have a hard time losing weight and converting fat into muscle because of their slow metabolisms. Their appearances can vary to include any body shape, be it hourglass, apple, pear or stick.

Though your body type defines how your metabolism works and how you look, it is not your only body shape option. With disciplined diet and exercise, any body type can transform themselves into the shape they desire. Endomorphs may have to eat half as much and work twice as hard as a mesomorph to lose fat, but they can do it. 

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