Finding the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

It's natural to feel worried about swimsuit season; most women do. Size and shape don't matter: everyone feels vulnerable in such a tight and revealing outfit. However, swimsuits don't have to be the enemy. Find the right style and fit for your shape and you succeed in turning that evil garment into a flattering friend.

The exact swimsuit cut you'll need depends on your basic body shape. Different suits can emphasize certain areas your proud of and conceal areas you're not so proud to show off. You need to determine if you're a stick, apple, pear or hourglass shape.

Stick figures want a swimsuit that adds the illusion of curves. Apple figures usually need a tummy control swimsuit. Pear figures look good in small skirt or wrap around swimsuits. Hourglass shapes tend to look good in any swimsuit.

A basic rule of thumb for buying a plus size swimsuit is always buy big, not small. You don't want a swimsuit that strangles your body and causes unsightly bulges. Find a swimsuit that is slightly larger than you need. This way it will cover your curves smoothly and prevent the problem with bugles.

The color and pattern of your suit can also be important. You want bright, light or patterned material in areas to which you want to draw attention. You want mute, dark or solid material in areas you want to draw attention away from. While basic black is always slimming, it can also get boring. Think about choosing a dark green, blue, purple or dark red to achieve a slimming effect while adding some personality.

If you're self conscious about your tummy, try buying a tankini instead of a regular swimsuit. Tankinis are fantastic for giving that sexy bikini illusion while still covering your stomach area. Tankinis can also have tummy-control panels in the shorts as well as slightly loose stomach areas in the top. This helps give you the shape you want without making you feel like all your goodies are on display.

If you want all the benefits of plus size swimsuits styles, but still want to look a little sexy, try a cut away back. There are thousands of different backs for swimsuits and any one of them could add a little sensuality to your overall look.

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