How to Minimize a Large Bust

While a large bust is popular in movies and magazines, sometimes the reality of the situation requires balancing your bust with the rest of your body. While the most effective method for minimizing a bust is mashing it down, you can also use simple fashion tips to help minimize its appearance.

The right neckline is vital to helping minimize the appearance of a large bust. Though it sounds odd, turtlenecks are unflattering and V necks are flattering. Turtlenecks create a solid block of color or pattern. They draw an observer's eye to the overall mass, making your bosom stand out even more. A V neck breaks up the area and draws the eye inward, which helps make your bosom appear smaller.

Boat, sweetheart and portrait necklines emphasize the bust. Scoop and square necklines minimize the bust. Keyhole and asymmetrical necklines can go either way. Whatever the neckline, avoid wearing tops that have long, frilly or thick trimming around the neck. This just adds bulk to your bosom. Leave a few buttons around the neckline of your top open if you're wearing a shirt with a collar.

Try to use dark or solid colored tops to draw attention away from your chest. Light colors, horizontal stripes and busy or bright patterns draw attention to your chest. If you want to wear a light color you can, just make sure it's a darker tone than the color of the pants you'll be wearing.

Any metallic or shiny fabrics will draw too much attention to your bosom. It's hard for people not to notice all that reflecting light from your top. It's also better to use thinner fabrics rather than big, bulky ones. Go for a thin, cotton, knit instead a heavy, wool knit. If you're trying to minimize something, it doesn't make much sense to add extra bulk to the area

You want a top that fits perfectly if you need to minimize the appearance of your bosom. If a top is too tight, it follows every curve and bounce, drawing attention to your chest. If a top is too big, it adds volume to your chest, making your bust look even bigger. A perfect fit is always flattering.

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