Plus Size Fall Fashion: 8 Looks That Are Trendy, Fun and Comfortable

Fall fashion is all about combining texture and color for something fresh, and for plus-size women that's no exception. Take a peek at the best plus-size fall fashion looks for eight fun, trendy and comfortable styles tailored for a curvier frame.

Tunics. Whether they're sheer and layered or bold and bright, tunics add a stylish and feminine touch to outfits while being comfortable enough for almost any activity. Try throwing on a longer one over fitted jeans or leggings and add a thick belt to accent your waistline.

Geometric prints. Fall fashion takes this usual plus-size fashion don't and turns it into a do. The key is to only have one print per outfit so as not to be overwhelming. For example, a print top can pair with black trousers and shoes, or a print scarf can liven up an otherwise neutral outfit.

Big handbags. In delicate pastels or slick leather, large handbags are a fall must-have for plus-size ladies. Petite women might want to skip this one, however, since they do have a tendency to make you look slightly shorter.

Lots of lace. Ladylike lace is showing up everywhere, from shirt necklines to shoes and handbags. Smaller, more intricate lace adds a delicate touch to your look, while chunkier lace in bright colors has more of an edgy vibe.

Stretch denim. While shopping for jeans can be a nightmare for plus-size women, a pair in stretch denim can hug your curves and be your best friend this fall. Try boot-cut instead of skinny jeans for a look that balances, instead of accentuates, your hips and thighs.

Slingbacks. Available in both high- and low-heeled styles, slingbacks are a versatile yet sophisticated shoe choice as appropriate for work as they are for a night out with the girls.

Mixing metals. Metals are fun, but why stick to just one? Mix gold and silver, gold and bronze, silver and bronze or any other combination you want in your jewelry and accessories this fall.

Colored pants. Don't be afraid of a colored pant. When it's done properly, it adds a fresh look to your fall wardrobe without being unflattering. Try deeper shades such as eggplant and jade green, and keep the rest of your outfit neutral in hue.

When choosing your fall wardrobe, keep your knowledge of the best fall fashions in mind to help you along the way. Also be sure to experiment and find out what feels the best to you -- after all, feeling confident and beautiful is one of the most important parts of fashion for any body, during any season.

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