How to Get Bohemian Fashion Into Your Look

Bohemian fashion is an eclectic and artistic blend of casual style. Heavily influenced by cultural garments from India and Pakistan, as well as general gypsy style, bohemian fashion is all about mixing looks while staying comfortable.

A bohemian look is never about designer labels or the latest trends. It's about historical and vintage clothing, homemade garments and unique creations. Each individual piece is a work of art in its own right, and the overall outfit a form of walking creativity.

Almost any tribal piece can be incorporated into your look, but particularly useful pieces include anything styled after Baltic, Slovak or Middle Eastern cultures.  However, because there are no true limits, ethnic items from Africa, South America or Asia are just as useful.

Bold colors and interesting matches, or mismatches, are often seen in bohemian fashion. It's not about smooth lines and flawless pairing, it's about interesting visuals. A floral vest, pale blue blouse, red embroidered skirt, leather sandals and rainbow jewelry may not be good taste for contemporary style, but is a perfect match for a bohemian look.

The quickest way to add a little bohemian fashion to your look is with hand-crafted pieces of jewelry. Unique and culturally diverse accessories help bring that artistic and worldly flare to your wardrobe. Try anklets, bracelets or necklaces covered with silver bells. You can wear hand-made glass beads knotted into elaborate necklaces, any kind of dangling earring or brightly painted and carved wooden pendants.

Vest and scarves are also handy garments when it comes to creating a bohemian look, especially if they're fringed. A vintage farmer's vest or beaded dancer's scarf not only work for general bohemian style, they can work together for a bohemian inspired outfit.

Bohemian fashion for women includes lots of flowing skirts, peasant blouses and sundresses. Soft fabrics, hand embroidery, paisley prints and organic patterns are in abundant supply. Of course, an old pair of jeans is also perfectly acceptable, especially if they are hand-embroidered.

Bohemian fashion for men includes peasant shirts, rough pants with symmetrical patterns, loose tunics and brightly embroidered vests. Leather sandals or boots are common, as are thick scarves. Just like women's bohemian fashion, jeans can be found everywhere. 

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