How to Wear a Belt Buckle

Many women wonder how to wear a belt buckle best. A decorative belt buckle is a fashion-forward accessory, but if you wear one poorly, you can turn this fashion do into a fashion don't. Here are a few tips for rocking belt buckles the right way.

Find the Right Belt
In order to wear a decorative belt buckle, you'll need a belt to put it on. You could buy several belts that allow interchangeable buckles, or you could choose one that will be the most versatile with your clothing and buckles. Leather is always a great choice for a high quality belt, whether you elect to go with black, brown or gray for a hue.

Choose Your Buckles
When you select a belt buckle, go for something you love. This buckle will act as a piece of jewelry, serving as a main accessory piece in your outfits.

Big and bold buckles will really stand out. Western buckles are still definitely in style, but even smaller buckles can work if they have something special and decorative about them. If you want your buckle to work for more formal looks, get an understated and simple buckle that you can wear with professional clothing.

Let the Buckle Shine
Your belt buckle can be one of the main focal points of your outfit if you choose to show it off. Whether big and bold or small and decorative, you can let in shine with the right style. One way is to wear your shirt-whether it's a T-shirt, polo or button-down-tucked into your pants or skirt. This way, your top won't hide your belt buckle. Or, you may wish to wear your belt and buckle at your waist over a long cardigan sweater or a dress. In some situations, you may wish to wear the buckle off-center. This is best when worn over a fashionable outfit than when linked through belt loops.

Don't Overdo Other Accessories
With a big statement belt buckle, you don't need a big statement necklace or a pair of giant earrings, too. Understated earrings along with a bracelet or a small, simple necklace will match much better with a special belt buckle.

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