How to Wear a Shawl

You may ask yourself how to wear a shawl with the colder months looming in the near future. Shawls and oversized scarves are super stylish and can also keep you very warm. There are more ways to wear a shawl than just draped over your shoulders and each style is great for different occasions.

Full Shawl Wrap
Wrap the shawl around your shoulders and wrap the ends around each other into a half knot and pull tight. This easy style is great for taking walks or simply staying warm.

One Shoulder Wrap
Wrap the shawl around your shoulders. Throw one end over the opposite shoulder to let it hang over your back for a pretty draping effect. This can be a bit fancier take on the full shawl wrap and can be worn over an evening dress or played down over a sweater.

Simple Shawl
One of the easiest and most understated ways to wear a shawl is to simply drape it around your neck and let hang down your front. This can be worn with almost any clothing style.

Front Drape
In this style drape the shawl as you would in the simple shawl style, but backwards. Drape the shawl around your front with the ends hanging down your back for an elegant front drape.

European or Noose Knot
Fold the shawl in half end to end and wrap around your neck. Wrap shawl around your neck and pull ends through the loop made by the folded end. This style looks great under a winter jacket to keep warm but is also fashionable when paired with jeans and a blazer.

Neck Wrap
Wrap your shawl around your neck twice. Drape ends down your front, you can drape one end down your front, the other down your back. You can tighten or loosen the loop around your neck to your liking. This look is great for being outdoors and will keep your neck and shoulders toasty warm.

Choose a shawl in a flattering color or buy one in basic black to go with anything. Wraps come in many great inexpensive fabrics, or you can splurge on a luxurious pashmina or cashmere shawl. Some shawls can even be really dressed up with accent beading or elegant patterns for a night out or you can layer your shawls for extra style and warmth on a chilly fall day.

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