How to Wear Cuffed Jeans

Learn how to wear cuffed jeans and you can get more mileage out of your denim wardrobe by creating new looks to mix and match with pieces you already own. Not all jeans look good cuffed, so to avoid looking bad, discover the right way to wear your jeans cuffed.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny jeans are by far the best jeans to be cuffed. They lend themselves easily, as many of them are too long for the average women to wear un-cuffed. Skinny jeans should stop at your ankle or, if you wear them with high heels, they can extend to the middle of the top of your foot. Skinny jeans look good with a cuff of at least an inch and a half. Dark rinse skinny jeans look the best cuffed, as there is more of a contrast between the cuff and the rest of the pants.

Flare or Bootleg Jeans
Flare or bootleg jeans are trickier to cuff. Depending on the width of the bell at the bottom of the pant, cuffs can are a potential disaster. Casual flares with a fitted look can be cuffed when paired with flip flops or casual sandals, but tend to look unflattering with high heels. If you have a pair that you love with legs that are just too long, don't be afraid to take them to a tailor to get hemmed.

Bootleg jeans can look really cute cuffed with high heels if the cuff fits nicely around your foot and shoe with limited swing action. You can also wear cuffed bootleg jeans with flats, but be sure that the bottoms don't trail on the ground, as you might wear a hole in your jeans far above the hem.

Trouser Leg Jeans
Trouser leg jeans are also harder to cuff, but it can be done. High waisted wide leg pants look cute with a small one inch cuff for a nautical look, but make sure the cuff ends close to the ground with whatever shoes you are wearing. A rule of thumb with trouser leg jeans is the more subtle the cuff, the better. Don't wear your wide leg jeans cuffed if they hang above your foot; wide leg jeans are made to be long and should at least graze the top of your foot.

Boyfriend Jeans
Boyfriend jeans are perfect for cuffing. They are the ultimate comfy yet stylish look, great for spring, summer and fall. Roll cuffs loosely up to above your ankles and wear these jeans with gladiator sandals or casual flip flops. They can also look good with plain sneakers, such as Keds or Vans. There is really no wrong way to cuff boyfriend jeans, as they are casual and funky on their own. Get creative and experiment with cuffs to find the look that's right for you.

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