How to Wear Outfits With Leggings

They may be a hallmark of 1980s fashion, but leggings have come back into style with a big bang. Since they're simple, cheap and comfortable, it's easy to see why women everywhere are embracing their return.

Leggings are so versatile that you can really find a pair in any material, color, pattern or style desired. They can be worn for working out, running errands, going clubbing or going to work. You can match them with bulky knits, soft silks or stretchy cotton.

Nevertheless, leggings are not truly pants; they're simply thick, footless tights. They should never be worn alone, unless you're a dancer. They also do not replace jeans, khakis or any other solid pant garment.

Leggings help add a little covering and fun to most outfits. They look best when used with a layered effect, unless you're sleeping or working out. Loose, shorter garments always pair well with leggings, as does a tight-loose-tight combo.

Try wearing some leggings under shorts to avoid embarrassment when working out. They can also be layered with skirts to help fight off a cold winter chill, or you can use them with an oversized T-shirt to create some comfy pajamas.

The most popular way to wear thicker leggings is to use them as "mock" tights or pantyhose. A tight pair of leggings with a sexy, mid-thigh skirt lets you get away with a more daring look. Leggings can also enable you to wear that cocktail dress that is about three inches too short.

Another hot legging look is to pair the leggings with a long shirt. Find a shirt that's almost long enough to be a dress, but not quite. Then grab a simple, short skirt to wear under it. When you pair the shirt-dress and skirt with the leggings, you give the illusion of a mini-dress with stockings, even though you're actually wearing a big shirt, a little skirt and thick tights.

Every woman should own at least one pair of black leggings, since they can be worn with almost any type of outfit and are a handy garment to keep in your wardrobe. Just make sure any leggings fit comfortably and come up to your waist, or they'll create an unflattering line across your backside.

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