Stopping Pantyhose Runs

Sultry silk stockings may look and feel sexy, but for most women they are also a bothersome item to own. Anything that delicate, that thin and that light is bound to be fragile. As every woman knows, anything that fragile is bound to get damaged.

Instead of going through a new pair of stockings every day, though, try some preventative measures to help stop pantyhose runs. The most important trick to stop runs is to always hand-wash your pantyhose.

Flimsy stockings are much too delicate to throw into a washing machine, and, even if they don't run while in there, you're weakening the fabric so that they'll end up running once they are dried and worn.

The all-time, top trick for pantyhose or tights preservation calls for only two items: some hairspray and a freezer. Just lightly mist the entire hose with hairspray. Use a plain hairspray and avoid anything too fancy, such as sprays with added perfumes, coloring or moisturizers.

Place the stockings on a plastic bag and in the freezer for as little as two hours or as long as overnight. Make sure the pantyhose aren't touching anything in the freezer other than the plastic bag, especially heavy frost, or the pantyhose might adhere to the object.

Remove your hose or tights from the freezer at least fifteen minutes before you plan to wear them, giving the hose a little time to warm up before sliding them onto your legs. This hairspray-and-freeze method helps strengthen the fibers in your pantyhose, as well as create a protective shield around them.

With the super-powers of frozen hairspray, threads are much less likely to snag, and any runs will remain small instead of becoming worse throughout the day. Just repeat the process after each washing, and you'll be stunned by how much longer silk stockings can last.

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