Tips for Layering Clothes

There are exactly two looks for layered clothes: the right look and the lumpy mattress look. If you have any trouble telling the difference between them, you're better off staying away from this particular style altogether.

Layering clothes can serve two purposes, which are keeping warm or looking good. A short, tight tank with a flannel shirt over the top doesn't fall into the layering for fashion category; it's a method of layering for warmth.

Layering for fashion usually means several layers of multiple and contrasting garments. Three tops, one skirt, some leggings and a pair of shoes in assorted colors is definitely a layered for fashion look.

Follow two principles to layer clothing for fashion. The longer the garment, the farther it should usually be under the layer. The thicker the garment, the closer it should usually be to the top of the layer. These guidelines can be mixed and matched according to the specific garment, but they should always be referred to if you are in doubt.

The point of layering clothing, other than keeping warm, is to display the contrasting items. This is why layering with different colors and cuts works so well together. Layering in a single color creates a blob effect. Showing the sharp contrast between your thin, white shirt and the bold, blue vest over the top really takes full advantage of this technique.

Usually, lighter colors look better when worn under dark colors. A black shirt with a short, white sweater can appear a little chunky. A white shirt with a short, black sweater appears softer and more in balance. It's also difficult to pair a light color over a dark one without having the dark color show through.

The best types of clothing to use for layering are scarves, vests, leggings, sweaters, unbuttoned blouses, short dresses, short tops and long tops. A tank top, flimsy dress, open sweater and matching leggings is a fundamental layered look for most movie starlets, especially if a long and sexy scarf is added.Layering can also help to balance out certain figures. With the right pieces, long waists can be broken up and big hips can be hidden. Wearing layered clothing chops up your silhouette, which can be very helpful for reducing height. However, if you're of a shorter stature, too much layering will work against you.

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