What is Classic Fashion Style

Classic fashion styles are the looks that last through the ages and appear flattering on almost anyone. They go beyond trends and are a triumph of art. Despite the decade, figure or fashion, classic styles are always a demonstration of truly refined taste.

Classic fashion always starts with the simplest of ideas. Silhouettes are sleek and concepts are unpolluted. It is this clean thinking that allows a classic fashion to melt into any current theme or style.

The biggest benefit with classic styles is that they're never trendy. Trendy styles are meant to push the boundaries and draw attention to the garment. A trendy look is meant to make a bold statement and never slips gracefully into the fashion parade.

Not being trendy means classic clothes are timeless. You cannot look at a classic garment and automatically know it was produced in the 1970s. The garment should be so sublime that any decade and any designer may have created it.

The little black dress is a perfect example of classic fashion. This simple garment is still a favorite for women everywhere, and a basic necessity in any fashionable wardrobe. It suits different body shapes, different personalities and different styles. The original dress design can slip as easily into a modern party as any reinvention.

The common black tuxedo is another example of classic fashion. The traditional garment is used by men almost everywhere, and changes little from decade to decade. The simple jacket, pant and bow-tie combination creates a sleek elegance that needs no alteration to fit into any formal situation.

Classic fashions tend to stick with classic colors as well as classic lines. Black, blue, white and brown are much more common than bright yellow, hot pink and neon orange. Natural materials, such as cotton, silk and leather, are much more common than synthetics, such as polyester, rayon and pleather.

If your feel that classic styles tend to be on the boring or drab side, remember that you can always add a little personality. The simple designs go wonderfully with a huge assortment of trendy accessories. By adding some jewelry, a hat or a scarf, you can transform the look for any occasion.

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