Earring Styles for Face Shapes

From the ancient Maya to modern pop stars, earrings have long been used as a form of decoration. But it doesn't matter what your name or place on the timeline is because some earrings will just look better on you than others will. Regardless of personal style, anything that dangles on each side of your face is going to be affected by that face's overall shape.

You can still pick different earring styles if you pay attention to your face shape. Working with your face shape will make you look even better. If you're wearing a pair of earrings to make you look sexy, it doesn't help much to pick a pair that makes your eyes seem beady or your cheeks appear flat.


Round faces need earrings that add some crisp lines to your appearance. Use boxy objects like rectangles, squares and triangles to give your face a sharper contrast. Long and thin pieces complement, but short and thick pieces add to the round effect. Stay away from circles, regardless of whether they're stud earrings or hoops.


Oval faces can appear long and drawn out with the wrong earrings. Long, solid shapes will pull your face down too much. Use shorter, spunkier earrings like buttons, short hoops, fun shapes or bead bursts to help keep everything in proportion. If you do wear dangling earrings, make sure they have well-defined shapes, like perfect circle hoops or dangling square gems.


Heart-shaped faces can appear too pointy at the chin when paired with similar shaped earrings. Use earrings that narrow the forehead and draw attention to the chin. Chandelier, triangle and dangling, bottom-heavy bead earrings look fantastic on heart-shaped faces. Obviously, heart-shaped earrings should never be worn. Any pointed, oval or diamond-shaped earrings will also just add to the pointy-chin problem.


Rectangle-shaped faces tend to look long and thin, as well as a little angular. Soften up your appearance with lots of curvy lines, especially wide hoops that draw attention to your cheek area. Avoid long and heavy earrings, which will just drag your face down.


Since a square face can be in danger of appearing too rigid, softer earrings should be used. Any round shape, short or long, will look good. Just stay away from angles, such as rectangles, triangles, squares or anything else with sharp corners.

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