Shamballa Bracelet FAQ

The Shamballa bracelet is one of the biggest trends in jewelry production and purchase to date. Many famous actors, singers and other celebrities have been cited as enthusiasts of Shamballa jewelry, and sellers command premium prices in the online marketplaces. So what exactly is Shamballa, and why do people like these seemingly simple bracelets so much? Like many popular pieces before them, Shamballa bracelets represent much more than a pretty ornament that may have some well-cut rhinestones and attractive knotwork. The symbolism behind Shamballa bracelets, and the ideals for which they are a constant reminder, are no doubt the true source of their popularity.

What is Shamballa?

Shamballa, also called Shambhala or Shambala, is the place of harmony, peace and enlightenment envisioned by Tibetan Buddhists. This place is analogous to such places as Valhalla, Olympus or Heaven that are found in different belief systems. The concept of Shangri-La or Utopia is closely tied to that of Shamballa.

Today, schools of meditative thought posit the notion that the state of Shamballa exists inside everyone, and seeking wisdom, enlightenment and other internal virtues will bring someone closer to the peace and harmony that is Shamballa. This also builds on the interconnectedness of all beings, and the different elements of consciousness that creates the whole.

What is the structure of a Shamballa bracelet?

In order to symbolize this concept of Shamballa, the bracelets are generally comprised of round or coin-shaped beads with concentric patterning. Often, this is the circles within a circle-round beads studded with round rhinestones, for instance, or "evil eye" beads that have rings around the center dot on a circular bead. Many artists will work in symbolic colors, such as those of the natural elements or the chakras. Any type of mandala artwork is also quite at home in this context.

How can I make a Shamballa bracelet?

The simplest form of a Shamballa bracelet simply uses four cords, which house a series of large round beads. A knot separates each bead; typically, it's a square knot or some other popular but simple macrame knot. Included in the most popular types of beads for this application are the mirrored "disco ball" beads, faceted glass or crystal rounds, or rounds that are entirely covered in glass or crystal rhinestones. Any of these beads are available from online retailers, and most bead stores or craft stores will carry a few options as well.

Popular cords for Shamballa bracelets include paracord, smaller hemp cords, embroidery floss or any type of silk, cotton or nylon macrame cords. For a clasp, you can either tie a series of square knots with an overhand knot over the opposite cords on each side, or attach a complementary button or jewelry clasp. The former option will give you an adjustable but more rudimentary feel, though it will also be more comfortable to wear during meditation or yoga.

Where can I buy Shamballa bracelets?

Thanks to their popularity, Shamballa bracelets are available on virtually every online marketplace, and from a huge percentage of jewelry retailers. Artisans who specialize in handcrafted pieces are gravitating toward Shamballa bracelets, and often have high-quality pieces that can be customized to your personality and preferences. However, it is important to understand the structure and symbolism of Shamballa bracelets before you purchase in order to ensure that the artist included the important elements, and understands the significance of the piece.

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