Unique Jewelry: Ideas for Cuff Bracelets

Is a basic bracelet too boring? Give wristwear a unique jewelry spin with a cuff bracelet requires, which not only eliminates fumbling with clasps or squeezing your hand into a tight circle but also lends a funky charm to bracelet style.

Due to their sturdy design, cuff bracelets can be plain, etched, glazed or set with embellishments. Though usually made of metal, the bracelets can be crafted from almost any medium, including wood, leather, clay, glass, fabric, string and plastic.

If you want a sharp, sleek, unisex look, try a simple platinum cuff bracelet. Make the jewelry about one inch wide with very faintly etched horizontal lines on each side. Fill the middle of the bracelet with a very simple and classy design, such as Celtic knots, leafy vines or more faint lines.

If you're looking for something a little more tribal and feminine, look for a silver cuff bracelet with an inset decoration. The bracelet can be any size, but a thick, slightly oval, two-inch wide, silver piece always looks flattering.  Keep a thick frame of silver around a floral inset of turquoise, jade and mother-of-pearl.

Hand-carved, wooden, cuff bracelets are made for people with a more earthy style. The bracelet utilizes almost any art that works with wood, but carved wood is hard to dislike. Keep the design as organic as the material whenever possible. Designs including waves, leaves, flowers, birds or flowing lines work well. If you have someone with amazing talent, try having an entire scene of tiny wood nymphs carved into the wood jewelry.

For a sexy cuff bracelet, use three loosely braided lines of gold. The bracelet should be open between the lines to reveal the skin. Have tiny gems, such as diamond, ruby or emerald, set into each place the gold lines cross in the braid.

Use one, large focal point, such as a flat gem or engraved stone, in your cuff bracelet for the most traditional look. Use metal for the sides and setting. You could use a flat, round slice of petrified wood or an oval chunk of amber. Get crafty by making the metal look like a snake, with the heads pointing to the opening.

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