Unique Jewelry: A Women's Watch

Owning unique jewelry is usually the goal of anyone who appreciates quality accessories. Why wear the same necklace or bracelet as everyone else when you can find a piece that's as unique as you? Unique women's watches are everywhere and are the perfect accessory to have a little fun with.

A stylish watch is one of those wonderful pieces of unique jewelry that never goes out of fashion. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, a good watch will match anything in your wardrobe. Wearing a watch may be traditional, but that doesn't mean your watch has to be dull or boring.

Forget owning a round watch - try an oval, square, rectangle, triangle, flower or heart shaped timepiece. Family photographs can be transferred onto your wristwatch face. A famous painting, such as Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, can also be used as the face.

Most people forgo the custom watch, though, and instead focus on a unique or custom made watch band. This not only guarantees the perfect physical fit, it guarantees the perfect style fit. The exact watch band needs will depend on whether you're using a sports, dress or jewelry watch.

Leather or metal is the usual material for a watch band - both work well. The two basic categories of watch bands are band or bracelet. As a general rule, a watch band can be connected by strap or by hinge. There's no rule that says a watchband has to be boring, though.

Black leather works for a watch band, but so does magenta snake skin, silver-studded leather or braided deer hide. A flexible gold wristband may be common, but etched leaves, bird-shaped links and gem-inlaid teardrops are much more fun.

A thick, shiny, solid silver bracelet watchband looks sleek with a plain watch or ritzy with a diamond-encrusted watch. A hand-crafted watch with a band stamped with items from your favorite hobby helps remind you of something you enjoy, even when you're too busy to actually enjoy it.

Whatever you're looking for, there's a way to find it. Local jewelry stores are usually more than happy to create custom pieces. If you're just looking for a watch band, remember to look in stores that work with leather, metal, beads or any other kind of jewelry artistry.  If you want something unusual but not custom made, just browse the Internet until you find the perfect watch. 


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