Finding the Perfect Fit for Suit Pants

As every man who has tried to conduct business in just his jacket, shirt and boxers knows, men's suit pants are a vital part of any business outfit. The right fit is also critical.

Since men's suits contain little decoration, the overall fit stands out as the most obvious fashion statement. This is why it is so important to buy a perfectly fitted suit, especially when it comes to the trousers. These will be the hardest hit, most abused and most dry-cleaned part of your outfit. Pants need to be able to stand up and take it, yet still look great.

Suit trousers should fit smoothly without puckering or excessive folds at the waist, crotch or knees. They should be snug around your middle, yet still provide enough room to tuck in a shirt. The waist should never pinch when you are seated, and the crotch should never pinch, period.

The fly on the trousers should lay flat when you are standing and only fold slightly when you are sitting. Pockets should seem invisible when empty, and loose, not binding, when filled. The rear of the pants should never be hugging anything, nor should the crotch.

The break, or area where the pant cuffs meet the shoe, is a minor point that has major impact. A perfectly fitted suit with poorly tailored trouser cuffs goes immediately from classy to trashy. If money is tight and you can make only one alteration to your suit trousers, always go for a sharp break.

The ideal pant break should cover your ankle and sock, as well as the top of your shoe. There should be a soft fold where the material meets your foot and drapes onto the shoe. The cuffs should stay on the long side, but they should never be long enough to drag on the floor.

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Men's clothes change little from year to year, so classic styles are always a wise and fashionable investment. Stick to well-tailored pieces and subtle hues. Then stock up on an assortment of shirts and ties to add color and personality to your wardrobe.

A business suit says a tremendous amount about who a man is, and sharp business suits create a sharp image that can aid you at work. Material, color, pattern and fit can all be used to create that perfect look.

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