Is Pink a Girly Color

Face it, the only time a man ever looks good in all pink is when he's starring in a music video. Even saying "good" may be pushing it. Thus, most people assume that, since no man looks good in all pink, no man should wear any pink. Yet, with the right styles and cuts, most men can actually get away with wearing a little pink in everyday life.

Truth is, pink is usually considered a feminine color. It is the top pick with little princesses and ballerinas the world over. Like any pastel, pink evokes a softer and sweeter image. However, men can use this soft image to their fashion advantage.

Major items, such as pants, coats, suits and shoes, have a hard time getting away with solid pink. These important pieces can incorporate the soft color into trims or lining to add some style without making you look like you raided a woman's closet.

Using subtle pink highlights can add the perfect touch, particularly in men's business attire. Incorporating the light shade into a tie, handkerchief, shirt or lining can help soften a severe black suit.

Look for pink shirts, sweaters, polos and vests. Or find items with the hue incorporated into the overall garment's design. Matching these kinds of tops with a darker or stronger color will balance out the look, adding a masculine touch.

A clever way to use pink in men's clothing is to incorporate it into the material pattern. Bold plaids that sneak in a little pink are perfect for a funky-looking hat or tie. Subtle pink and pastel checks have been the calling card for country club golfers and rappers around the world.

Pink pinstripes on a navy blue suit are a traditional match that appears sharp on most men. Very thin pink pinstripes complement most dark colors and are so subtle that they appear pink only upon close examination.

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Men's clothes change little from year to year, so classic styles are always a wise and fashionable investment. Stick to well-tailored pieces and subtle hues. Then stock up on an assortment of shirts and ties to add color and personality to your wardrobe.

A business suit says a tremendous amount about who a man is, and sharp business suits create a sharp image that can aid you at work. Material, color, pattern and fit can all be used to create that perfect look.

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In this day and age, business attire ranges from casual to formal. This means that anything from khaki trousers to a three piece suit is acceptable in the work force. What a man decides to wear to work depends entirely on the position he holds, the company he works for, and what social functions he can be expected to attend throughout the year.
The quality of any sportswear is always more important than the look. Sportswear should not only look good, but it should also be perfectly fitted and long-lasting. Advances in science now provide us with garments that draw away sweat, prevent odor and protect against the sun?s rays.
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