How to Get Smart, Casual Style in Your Wardrobe

Smart casual styles means knowing yourself, knowing what fits you well and then pulling the look together so it seems effortless.

To find that definite line between casual and sloppy start with what fits and what's too baggy. Though baggy clothes were once stylish, tailored is back in fashion. That doesn't mean you have to give up loose clothing, it just means it shouldn't be so loose that you're swimming in them.

You want to stick to flattering cuts in your casual wardrobe. Unflattering, casual clothes can quickly transform your appearance from attractive to repulsive. If nothing else, it makes you look like you care nothing for your appearance.

Anther factor in whether you look casual or sloppy is the general condition of your clothes. Stains, rips or basic wear and tear affect your appearance. If you're clothes look like they were meant for washing the car, only wear them for washing the car. Sweat suits, pajama pants, faded T-shirts and shoes with holes in the soles all fall into the sloppy category when worn in public.

The way to keep casual and crisp is to wear clean garments without obvious wrinkles or tears. This is particularly true for shirts. You may be able to get away with wearing ripped jeans, but a ripped T-shirt is outright sloppy. If your shirt was on the floor and full of wrinkles, it doesn't matter if it's clean. The garment needs to look clean as well as actually be clean.

An important, and often overlooked, aspect of a person's appearance is always those finishing touches. Shoelaces should be tied or at least tucked neatly away. Buckles, buttons and snaps should be done, especially on pants. Any pockets flaps need to be down, not standing up and open.

When wearing casual clothes, remember to use casual accessories. An expensive, gold watch looks out of place with a tank top and shorts. It also makes your casual clothes seem cheap in comparison. If you use casual accessories, you'll still look sharp, just with casual balance instead of casual disregard.

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Never let trends influence your personal style. Your style should be a combination of fashions you feel drawn to and fashions that look good on you. Don't be bound by labels, and use whatever color combinations you love the most.

Most people understand these basics, such as matching your belt and shoes. But there are finer points to properly accessorizing. You need to know what to add to your outfit or you'll end up with fashion accessory overkill.

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