How to Dress With Swag

Some people rely on designer outfits to look good. Others can go into any store or boutique and pick an outfit that works. They have a natural feel for style and don't need to spend thousands of dollars to create a "look..' How to dress with swag has nothing to do with money and everything to do with good taste.

Dress your age

An 18-year-old woman's choice in clothing will be different from that of a 38-year-old woman. Both want to look their best, but what works for a young woman is probably not the best choice for a mature woman and vice versa. While there's no need for you to dress modestly as you get older, your choice in clothing should change as the years go by.

Dress for the occasion

While a suit is perfect for the office, it might be a little too businesslike for a party or a night out on the town. Part of how to dress with swag is knowing when to tone down your outfit and when to go all out and dazzle. Dressing with swag often involves sex appeal. Whether you look fresh in a dress, stylish in a jacket, or to-die-for in jeans, your outfit will make a statement about who you are.

Accessorize with taste

Any outfit can be enhanced with the right accessories. However, there's a big difference between accessorizing and turning yourself into a Christmas tree. While a modest necklace and bracelet are suitable for daywear, feel free to add a little sparkle for special occasions. Keep in mind that in general, it's recommended not to wear more than three pieces of jewelry.

Choose the right shoes

Which shoes you pick for your outfit is important. You might like flats for comfort, but for the sake of swag you might have to sacrifice comfort for style. While flats might look great with pants or shorts, heels are preferable to show off your legs under a skirt or dress. Boots, on the other hand, work well with jeans. When in doubt, look at yourself in a full-length mirror.

Pay attention to detail

The success of your outfit depends on the details. You can be dressed to the nines, but if your clothes aren't in great condition, they will lose their appeal. Make sure that what you wear is clean and properly ironed. Check for any loose buttons and that hems are secure.

Don't be a fashion slave

While looking outdated won't do much for your confidence, neither should you follow every fashion. If you dress too much like the models in the magazines or the mannequins in the window, you might lose your individuality. When you look at fashion, determine which styles, patterns, and colors suit you.

Flaunt your attitude

How to dress with swag also involves your attitude. Women with swag seldom act shy or withdrawn. They look good, they know it, and that gives them confidence. The way they walk, sit, and stand invites attention.

Dressing with swag is not complicated. Rely on your good taste, have a look at the latest magazines, and pick what works for you.

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