How to Wear a Pashmina

How to wear a pashmina entirely depends on personal preference. These cashmere scarves are a staple accessory that people of all ages and backgrounds should have in their possession. The following are just some of the many things you can do with a pashmina.

One of the most popular ways to wear a pashmina is to wear it as a scarf. This style makes the pashmina look like a noose wrap. To do this, fold the scarf in half. The folded edge should face you. Next, fold the pashmina in half again, width-wise. Lastly, take the folded pashmina and place it behind your head. Pull the open end of the scarf through the loop. This pashmina style looks great with a winter coat or even with just a sweater or shirt. 

When learning how to wear a pashmina, you should definitely considering using it as a belt or sarong. You can fold it so that it is belt-like - thin and narrow - or you can drape it around your body so that it is loose and sarong-like. Wearing a pashmina like this is great because it can really update or add to an outfit.

You can also wear the pashmina as a stole or wrap. For this style, you would drape the fabric around your shoulders. This look is great for formal occasions or if you want to add to a sweater look.

Lastly, consider wearing the pashmina as a headscarf. This can really make a bad hair day that much easier to manage. Additionally, it can help to keep your hair in place on a windy day or if you are in a car. All you have to do to master this look is wrap the pashmina around your head and then tie or knot it in place. 

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Never let trends influence your personal style. Your style should be a combination of fashions you feel drawn to and fashions that look good on you. Don't be bound by labels, and use whatever color combinations you love the most.

Most people understand these basics, such as matching your belt and shoes. But there are finer points to properly accessorizing. You need to know what to add to your outfit or you'll end up with fashion accessory overkill.

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Smart casual styles means knowing yourself, knowing what fits you well and then pulling the look together so it seems effortless.

Knowing how to tie a winter scarf will keep you warm and score style points at the same time.

Accessories that we choose to wear each day can make up our wardrobe. They make what clothes we choose to wear look so much better. The way we dress our self each day is very important to us. We like to go out each day and feel confident about the way we look.
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