What to Do When Belly Button Piercings Aren't Healing

Belly button piercings can look great, but they are tricky when it comes to healing. The belly button tends to be chafed and rubbed constantly by pants, short, dresses, skirts and undergarments. This makes a belly button piercing rather vulnerable.

Clean the piercing
If your belly button piercing isn't healing, first check that you are providing that proper care. The piercing should be washed two times a day with a mild cleanser. Any cleansers or lotions you use on the area must be fragrance, dye and alcohol free.

Soaking a new belly button piercing in warm salt water can help clean it and take down swelling. Make sure you're patting the area dry after cleansing, not scrubbing it with the towel. Scrubbing the area is a sure-fire way to irritate it and create problems with healing.

Keeping your belly button piercing clean isn't just about the belly button. You need to keep any clothing that will rub again the belly clean as well. Any time your hands touch the piercing, they too need to be clean and sanitized.

Care for the piercing
It's important to leave new belly jewelry alone, especially if the piercing site is having trouble healing. You absolutely must refrain from playing with it, poking at it or  scratching it. If you're having problems with your pants, shorts, dress or skirt chafing the area, use some gauze and tape to cover the general bellybutton area during the day. Make sure to take the covering off at night to expose the piercing to fresh air.

Have patience with the piercing
Keep in mind that belly button piercings do not heal quickly. They can take up to eight or nine months to fully heal. You need to be caring for the piercing properly this entire time for quick and effective healing to take place.

Have a doctor check the piercing
If you're having persistent problems with a belly button piercing that just won't heal, it time to talk to a doctor. Any oozing, redness, swelling or pain beyond what is normally expected for a belly piercing could be serious and should be checked by a medical professional. 

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