Ear Piercing For Guys

Ear piercing for guys has become a fashion statement, much like it is for women. When guys are considering ear piercing, they should follow the same safeguards women follow.

Ear piercing should always be done with sterile equipment by someone who has been properly trained. You can find free ear piercing in most shopping malls, usually in accessories stores that sell earrings. If you aren't comfortable hitting the mall to get your ears pierced, check into a reputable tattoo shop. Most tattoo shops provide all types of body piercing for men and women, including ear piercing for guys. Be sure you check a facility out before booking an appointment. Tattoo shops should be extremely hygienic with strict policies regarding sanitation.

If you get your ears pierced in a salon, the common procedure is to use a piercing gun. However, piercing guns are typically made of plastic and the sterilization is often less than satisfactory. If you go to a tattoo shop with professional body piercing, they will most likely use a single-use hollow needle for the piercing. Single use needles are sterile and discarded after each use. Single use needles also have a much sharper tip than a piercing gun, which means there will be less tissue damage to your ears, along with a faster healing time.

Another advantage of having a professional body piercer is the level of training they receive. Professional piercers go through a strict, lengthy training process, which is much more comprehensive than training in an accessories store in the mall. A mall store is primarily a retail outlet and the staff usually receives rudimentary training at best. While it may seem that ear piercing is such a simple procedure that training doesn't seem necessary, the truth is you can get an infection or a blood borne disease from improper piercing techniques and poorly sanitized equipment.

Bottom line? Ear piercing for guys is no different than ear piercing for women. The most important part of the deal is to go to someone who is properly trained and a facility that is sanitized and sterile.

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