Ring Gauges for Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercing has developed into an art all of its own. You can have the piercing anywhere on the eyebrow. You can use rings, studs or even multiple piercings with connecting chains, all on the eyebrow. And yet, despite the many choices, it is the traditional eyebrow rings that remain the most popular form of jewelry for eyebrow piercings.

What is a gauge?
Eyebrows tend to use thinner and lighter rings than other places in the body. The reason for this is logic, not fashion. A heavy eyebrow ring will constantly pull on your eyebrow. Over a long period of time this can cause sagging or even ripping of the skin. Not only is this an unattractive prospect, swelling from infection or drooping skin can cause trouble with your vision.

When novices are considering eyebrow rings, they will often hear or see descriptions of pieces that include that piece's gauge. Gauges signify differing sizes of jewelry. The bigger the gauge number, the smaller the size. So a 10 gauge stud is a dramatically thicker piece than an 18 gauge stud. Gauges can be converted into inch or millimeter measurements.

Gauges are not always standard, however. Any gauge size is an estimate. Because of the popularity of unique and custom made body piercing jewelry, there is no universal standard to keep everything exactly the same size. Manufacturers try to get gauges as close to exact measurements as possible, but there's still a small size difference.

Eyebrow rings usually have a gauge range of 18 to 16. It's not commonly recommended that people go above or below that range. Because higher gauging usually goes in even numbers, this leaves you with the choice of 18 or 16 gauges only. 

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