Keeping Nose Piercings Infection Free

Nose piercings are like any other piercing-you want them to heal properly for the best piercing results. You don't want to go poking a hole in something as vital as your nose then let it just fester away. A bad nose piercing can not only cause ugly scars, it can become infected or adversely affect general respiratory health. However, with the proper care, it should be fairly simple to keep your nose piercing infection free.

Whether you're using nose rings or studs, you always want to use hypo-allergenic jewelry on a nose piercing, especially while the hole is healing. Regardless of the type of nose jewelry you plan on wearing, you want to wear a small, light piece during the healing process.

Make sure to clean the nose piercing and jewelry two times a day with a cotton ball and salt solution. Let the solution soak on the nose for 60 seconds to help remove any crusty buildup that may have accumulated. Do not use any harsh cleansers, such as alcohol-based astringent, to clean the wound. These will strip the area too clean, causing possible irritation and infection.

You don't want to remove jewelry during cleaning, but you can turn it around to help prevent scar tissue build-up. Make sure you have soaked and cleaned your nose before turning the jewelry or you will rip any build up. After cleaning, very gently pat your new nose piercing dry. Do not rub or scrub the area with the towel, as this will irritate the piercing.

General care
It's important to only touch your nose piercing when cleaning it; leave it alone the rest of the time. Playing with the new piercing will irritate the piercing, which in turn can cause swelling and possible infection. Remember that most nose piercings take 8 to 10 weeks to heal, so you'll have to restrain yourself from messing around with it for some time.

You need to leave your nose ring or stud in the piercing during the healing process. This can cause some problems during sleep, when the jewelry tends to fall out. Use a band aid across the piece of jewelry at night. This will help secure the jewelry and keep it protected from dirt and oil.

Refrain from wearing any cosmetics, sun block or aftershave anywhere near your nose while the piercing heals. For the best healing, you want to keep the nose piercing as clean and sanitary as possible without overdoing it. Use care when wiping your nose with a tissue, especially for the first time. You're going to have to learn how to do things, such as blow your nose, without jerking your nose jewelry. 

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