Which Ear for Earring on Men

Which ear for earring on men? The ear in which a man chose to wear an earring used to have significance, but these days wondering which ear is appropriate for an earring on a man is almost futile. With multiple piercings, stretching and all the other popular forms of body modification, men are free to wear earrings on any ear.

Men's Earrings Tradition
From around 1960 to 1990, the single earring style was mainly a covert signal used within the homosexual community. It helped identify other homosexuals without running the risk of intolerant backlash. Later on, wearing a single earring became a symbol of sexual pride. The exact earring worn was all a matter of personal taste, but diamond studs and metal loops were the most commonly seen styles.

A single earring came to serve as an expression of homosexuality. In Europe, gay men pierced their left ear, but their counterparts in the United States pierced their right. In some scenes, a single left earring signified that a man was dominant, while the right ear was a sign of sexual submissiveness. Further adding to the mix was the fact that some scenes signaled homosexuality or bisexuality by having both ears pierced; one ear pierced signaled heterosexuality.

Men's Earrings Today
By the mid to late 1990s, the single earring signal was falling out of favor. More and more people, both men and women, were getting their ears pierced. It wasn't only ears that were getting pierced, though. A huge rise in body piercing was sweeping across Western nations. As this popular piercing trend took hold, old prejudices and signals started to become passé.

With the new freedom found in body piercing, there were too many different styles for a single earring to mean anything. Men were no longer considered feminine for having body jewelry. Men and women were now free to have an earring in one ear, earrings in both ears or four earrings in one ear and seven in the other.

Men's Earring Styles
Long gone are the days of the single, small stud or ring earring on men. There are now hundreds of styles to choose from. Earrings have truly evolved into their own little world, with many different shapes and sizes. Diamond studs and metal loops are still popular, but they're starting to see some competition from the following styles:

  • Ball closure rings are round hoop earrings with a small bead wedged in the ring gap.
  • Barbell earrings are straight rods that have a small ball on each end.
  • Plugs earrings are thick and long cylinder earring that may be slightly rounded into an hourglass shaped earring.
  • Spacer plugs are rounded, doughnut shaped earrings with hollow centers that fill the edges of a large earring hole.
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